Friday, September 3, 2010

HeartBeat Children's Music website looks great!!

My music & movement website is up and running. And it looks fantastic, thanks to my web designer, Jes Coolbaugh.

And now, the official unveiling:

Ta Da!

She also designed a sister site, my new life coaching website:

Jes is having a back-to-school special. Until September 30, she is offering basic web design for $625. For another $300 she'll add a logo. Both my sites have logos.

Check out her offer here:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

At long last, the HeartBeat Children's Music website is being built!

Okay, it only took me a year (take heart, fellow procrastinators), but I'm finally having my HeartBeat Children's Music website built.

I've actually had the website domain up and running for quite a while. But frankly, I never could find an XSitePro design that worked. I think someone with better graphic skills (or any graphic skills at all) could have done a better job.

But not me. So I finally broke down and hired the ridiculously affordable and ridiculously talented Jessalyn Coolbaugh.

She's having a back-to-school special right now through September - half price ($625) for a basic site.

She's quick, so I'll probably have a website to show you within a week.

Meanwhile, she's already completed another new site I'm starting. If only I were as efficient as she is, I might be able to upload it already. But alas, I have no copy for it yet. You can check out that design here:

My Life Coaching Website Design

Pretty awesome, huh? I know I'm thrilled with it!

That's a basic site plus logo. The logo package is $300 and includes three designs and up to three revisions.

Can't wait to find out what Jes has up her sleeve for the children's music website!

More soon....


Friday, February 5, 2010

Site Built It is having a Valentine's Day special

Site Build It (SBI), the website building program I used to create, is having a Valentine's Day special.

Basically, if you buy one website for $299, you get a second for $100. If you don't think this sounds like a good deal, then you may think SBI is like other website building programs. It isn't. To find out more about why I like it so much, visit My Experience with SBI.

You can give the second website to someone else and you (or the person you give it to) have nine months to start using it.

To find out about the special, visit SBI Valentine's Day Special and click on the box with the Valentine in it. This deal ends at midnight on February 14.